Day 65 (Monday 12/12/16)

Today the day was mainly saved to see everyone’s presentations. I thought a lot of the ideas presented today were interesting but most of them unmemorable due to not showing a video, not explaining enough or not even having a power point presentation with images of what you’re talking about. A lot of presentations were completely uninteresting because they had very small letters on power point or a very unenthusiastic voice which didn’t make me interested in what they were saying.

At first I had my presentation on my pen but the pen didn’t work, thankfully I had sent the presentation to my email just in case that happened. I think my presentation was interesting to watch and listen even though I missed out on a few points on a few of my ideas due to time restriction. I had to skip through the videos too. I think I got my ideas across and people remember them. Maybe they even remember some of my scrap ideas. I wish I could have contributed with a few more ideas, I kind of cheated with putting them in there anyway but I know fully well that they won’t be used at all. Here is the presentation that I did:

I actually nailed the time perfectly as I stayed in the 5 minute range, which I’m proud of because when rehearsing at home at first I went over 20 minutes. Although I did speak about all my points very profoundly. I could have left out my spare ideas to develop my main ones a bit more but I just wanted to present them anyway.

The nerves got to me a bit as well so that’s why I forgot some plot points.



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