Day 66 (Tuesday 13/12/16)

As we sat in Purple Haze Lynn gave us all a poem to read through and analyse, ‘how do i love thee’. It is an old poem with the language that is used in Shakespeare plays. This is the first thing that I read in that kind of language that is not Shakespeare. Thalia is going to be reading this at Haughley Barns on the 15th, as Lynn said so we all put our heads together to decipher the meanings behind every line that there was and we managed to get it figured out alright enough; it was understandable. Thalia at first had some difficulties with the enunciation of words in that poem, I don’t know if it was because of pressure or if it was because she didn’t yet understand the poem that well. We all also contributed to help her enunciate the poem as best as it could sound.


I learned that limerick is 5 verses!

After that we had some more of a poem moment. Everyone had to choose one of their favourite poems. I don’t read many poems so I had to pick the one that I read during Gary’s lesson before. I honestly did actually really like the poem ‘My Love is Like to Ice and I to Fire’ by Edmund Spenser. It has such a nice contrast between the concepts of ice and fire, cold and hot; the love that someone has for someone and the brutal rejection that they get.


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