Day 67 (Wednesday 14/12/16)

Gary – Practical

Since today was our last lesson of the term with Gary we decided that we would help Thalia with her Sonnet (How Do I Love Thee). She said it better than she did yesterday but the emphasis on some words is still a bit dodgy and I don’t really believe the emotion. Gary helped to get her through the meaning of it too. She will do well during the performance though.


Gary gave us three topics to choose from and we had to come up with a scene in about half an hour:

The night before Christmas
I love you but during this time of the year

It was very fun to think about all of the possibilities that we had and things that we could do but Gary said he didn’t want us to try to be funny so we actually tried to make it as serious as we could even though during the thinking of it we had some extremely hilarious moments. It was actually a challenge for us, who I consider to be two of the funniest guys on course, to do something serious and try not to get a laugh. We did get a laugh or two but it was unintentional. It probably just means that we didn’t do it well enough.

Then with Erica since she had to go a bit early we played some games: mafia, answering circle game and the boss game. After Erica left some people stayed around to play two more games: Freeze and a game that we never played before but I saw on ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’ and wanted to try with my friends: The Superhero game. It actually didn’t go that bad, but very clearly not as well as what the professionals do.


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