Day 69 (Wednesday 04/01/17)

Gary – Practical



The scene is ‘Double Jeopardy’. We have decided to cast Ryan as Jensen and me as Andersen because we feel more comfortable in these roles but we tried switching it up and it works that way too. We haven’t decided on the dialect but we said we would research it and come back after discussing with a selected dialect which we would have practised already.

I think Andersen is a relaxed person who is serious most of the time. He has now had enough of Rose’s shit because she once escaped a case and now killed her partner. He knows that she did it but he needs to prove it.

A movie style acting audition seems great to practice. It will be exciting to see how every group approaches this task and how they cast it.

Erica – Practical

The first reveal of what we would be doing for the performance in February. This is something that the whole group of acting year 1 will be doing and it is: a silent movie.

Taking inspiration from old movies like Godzilla and King Kong with the premise that no one speaks. It will involve everyone in the performance but it is actually a focus on production because we will have to make any props that we decide we will need. We will need to decide on any lighting, which I’m not sure if we will get help for or not and we will need to actually decide on the main idea for it.

As well as discussing this and watching a few clips from movies that suggest ways for us to do our performance, we played a few games. First off we split into two groups and on the count of 10 we had to make a shape of an object that Erica told us to do. Then we played a bit of one word story and something else which I cannot remember what it is. The one word story was really funny, some of the word placements were really clever.


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