Day 70 (Thursday 05/01/17)

Lynn – Practical

Just before going to our usual place of T0.07 we had a visit from students who were in this college before and have went to MTA: Paris and Robbie. They talked about how their life is in London and how they’re fitting in to the environment of a drama school. It was some motivating and scary things. I do want to be able to go to one but it’s unlikely because not only do I think I need so much more preparation and practice to be good enough but the costs for that, even if I follow their advice on fund raising somehow… it’s a lot of money. It wouldn’t be easy if possible.

Starting things off with a warm up exercise that is called ‘minced tea’? I’m not exactly sure on the name but we had to play catch except we couldn’t run and whenever we touched someone wherever they had to hold the place that we touched them on.

Then on to the thing that we focused on for the most of the class: the 5 silent scenes we performed. Unfortunately no one recorded any of them but since there were five of them none of us could be bothered to record.

We had the courageous journey where we had to cross a bridge. It is a very melodrama like acting because since it’s silent the expressions have to be clear and crossing the bridge there were a lot of stereotypical characters. The courageous person, scared people, damsels and the wise old man… who is a character who was very prevalent in our performances.

The arrival of alien creatures where me and Liam were the aliens and the other people were at first scared and when we left they started following us.

And the lunatic at large where Liam was the maniac who arrives at a family dinner and knows me because I’m his psychiatrist then I try to calm him down and tell him to take a seat but he goes crazy and kills most of us – but the wise old man saves the day by beating him to death with his stick.

The dying man where me and Tom had to catch Ryan in a trust fall where he faked his death. I didn’t think this was hard but some people did and we afterwards did a trust fall game.

Finally we did the impending doom scenario where we made a dragon who would kill everyone but somehow he… got stopped even though he’s an impending doom? We spent so long in actually propping the dragon up that we didn’t have any story, this one was the worst one that we performed in my opinion.


We had to also decide the story for our official performance of this silent black and white movie but we were split into two groups to give ideas. After a bit of thinking Lynn combined both and this is what we have:

“5 explorers and their robot step down from their space ship. They encounter some strange creatures who, at an unheard signal, all scamper away in fear, pointing offstage and miming a spider. The group finds some cobwebs with regular sized spiders of which they are not afraid. Then, the legs of a massive monster spider appear and capture a couple of the company. The robot saves the rest by distracting, then zapping the spider. The remainder get quickly back into the shi-p. As the space ship ‘leaves’ the spider twitches back into life.”


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