Day 72 (Monday 09/01/17)

Practical – Lynn

Before coming in we warmed up with everyone but we warmed up again in a different way once we got to T0.07 which we were in because MT’s were using 0.44 to watch things on the projector. Our warm up was very relaxed in stretching muscles and then more focused on the mouth muscles and warming up the tongue.

Surprisingly we then did some improvisation with a slight focus on voice, as we should.

The first game we played was party quirks. This meant one person would be the party host and three people would ring a doorbell and come in with some kind of quirk that the host had to guess what it was. Mine was stamp collector and Eren guessed it quite quickly even though I even abstracted the word ‘stamp’ from my vocabulary. Which wouldn’t have been cheating if I said it, but it would have been way too easy.

Second game was again with 4 people but one person was a narrator that told a story that he created or got out of what the three people who are acting are doing. I was an actor and a narrator at a point. I thought it was fun, but narrating is harder to do once you’re actually narrating than when someone else is and you think “oh I could do that better”.

Last game was the expert, interviewer and translator. The expert was from another country that spoke an unintelligible language that the translator had to translate for the interviewer and vice-versa. I was the interviewer but wish I could have been one of the other two parts. I do think I did really well as the interviewer because I had actual legit questions to ask that were interesting. This is also where we started doing voice work with picking up on what kind of noises different languages make.


After break we watched some clips of people speaking gibberish language that sounded like a specific dialect and a completely foreign language that was saying actual words that we could pick up on the general sounds that they made when speaking it.

Having listened to some and having previous experience in listening to things like this we had to make a scene with easily recognisable dialect. So, while speaking gibberish we had to make it sound as if we’re actually speaking the language and explaining how to do something. Me, Ryan and Eren decided to explain how to use lightsabers in Japanese. I think it was actually really funny and even funnier was that Eren only said “Bob” and made lightsaber noises.



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