Day 73 (Tuesday 10/01/17)

Lynn – Practical

Today we found out who was going to be doing what in our ‘Inspired by Film’ commission. I am with Lauren Dunning doing a scene from Notting Hill and with Justin and Ines doing a spoof torture scene. I am excited to work with Lauren as she is from Musical Theatre and I don’t usually work with people from other courses. I have never seen the movie ‘Notting Hill’ so I will have to watch it. The torture scene spoof idea sounds difficult though because I am not sure how we will make a torture demonstration without props – if we do make props I have no idea how we will have time to make them. All around sounds like a lot of hard work, pressure and stress.

Then we focused on the piece that we have for our year 1 acting course: The robot and the aliens piece. For reference and easier typing I’m naming it ‘Robot meets aliens’, the name might be subject to change. We casted the people who would be doing what in the scene. I am the captain; Justin is the second in command; Mia is my daughter; Jess and Eren are the scientists; Will is the robot; Ryan, Ines, Tom and Sabrina are the aliens. Thalia and Liam are going to be responsible for props and design.

Having casted it we went for a little group split of everyone who arrives at the planet on the spaceship (which is everyone but the aliens and prop people – they won’t be acting) and the aliens. We had a discussion on how we would block it and everything and once we started Lynn gave some directions on how it could be done more or less. I think it’s coming along nicely there even is a video of it but it’s not on youtube so it’s not conveniently shareable.

We have the entrance bit sorted now the next part is seeing a weird cobweb and being directed to a tarantula where we meet our disaster. Or that’s the short version of it.


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