Day 74 (Wednesday 11/01/17)

Gary – Practical

This was the day of showing our ‘Double Jeopardy’ pieces. I have worked a lot on my New York accent and we all rehearsed the piece multiple times until we got it right with the accent, blocking, lines and reactions.

Our performance went really well according to people, Sabrina clearly had worked on her accent because she can’t do one at all and it was noticeably better. Our blocking was complimented and I also think it was one of the if not the best.

Jess, Thalia and Will

Jess’s accent was amazing, probably the best one out of all. I liked how different it was compared to everyone else because they had two chairs next to each other and Will was standing for some bits that I didn’t expect him to.

Ines,  Justin, Tom

Ines looked like she was really nervous and didn’t rehearse the piece enough. However she did deliver the line of “where were you detective” extremely well and in a very bitchy manner.

Eren, Liam, Mia

Everyone said that this group was fantastic, I just don’t really see that. People said Eren’s performance was very good and didn’t notice his ticks. Well I did, I noticed so many Eren-like things and his leg twitching was still there. I think Liam was the star of this group though. His extreme sadness towards his partners death which turns into anger when pushed too far was just executed perfectly. Mia was the middle ground. She wasn’t as noticeably bitchy as some of the other Rose characters that we’ve seen and I think that would have suited the character a lot more.

Erica – Practical

With Erica we progressed our commission work for some reason instead of doing devising and improvisation.

We performed what we had done before just so Erica could see at what point we were; we were at a very, very early stage. She managed to guess what characters we were though, kind of… which is good enough for the little amount that we have. With her we polished up what we had and added in so much more story blocking. It is nearly complete actually.

After we exit the spaceship and meet the aliens, the aliens force us into regrouping into a certain formation from which the alien bump-greeting occurs between Mia and Ryan. Then everyone starts bumping each other. I bump with Tom who is the alien dog. As some aliens are finishing up bumping into the robot, Mia finds a spider. The aliens cower in fear for reasons that we cannot tell – while I just take the spider and crush it with my foot. The aliens run off, we’re confused. I look confused and proud awaiting the moment that Jess pats me. The reason she pats me is because after a comical pat into look from everyone I am the last on to be pat because a huge spider just showed up. I get extremely frightened and run up to Justin and jump into his arms.

That’s all that we managed to think of but it was a whole lot of progress. I can really see the piece coming along now, too.



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