Day 75 (Thursday 12/01/17)

Lynn – Practical

Having not done a warm up today for some reason we went in to our usual class place where we planned out what we were going to do with which group when. We realised that if during every commission lesson we just did the project about aliens we would not have enough time for all the other things and would overdo that piece. So to distribute the time we used this time to work with out other groups. I went to work with my spoof torture piece people: Justin and Ines.

We managed to plan out most of the plot. Here’s the notes we took and the story plot we have put together:

Repeating name over and over again.
People talking to you in annoying voice
Holiday photos
Behind people in supermarkets
People trying to sing
People taking there cats
Woman and handbags
People paying for thing slowly

Starting with Justin’s casual day going through his annoying bits: someone showing a photo album forever; odd text messages; stuck in queue at supermarket due to someone taking too long with change. At the end both torturers come together to actually physically torture the person and he does not react because he’s had worse.

After that Ines and Justin went to work with their other groups while I watched clips of ‘Notting Hill’ in hopes of working with Lauren Dunning later on. In the end I couldn’t because she was rehearsing for some charity gig. I will however work with her on Friday.


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