Day 77 (Monday 16/01/17)

Practical with Lynn

This was a lesson where we talked about ideas that didn’t make it into the commission and made a timetable of the time we have left to turn our ideas into proper showing pieces.


As people went to work with their groups I sat alone and thought about what could be done to the torture spoof piece. It now has a story but it’s missing staging, logic and the script. So I worked on that. Unfortunately the other members couldn’t be present because they have other groups to work with who they haven’t progressed as much as they have with this idea. And that is alright. I also helped Will with his magic tricks as he needs someone to pick cards and all that.

This is what I’ve designed:


It was going to be in a straight line but then after asking Lynn what she thought of it she said that it would be better if it was more spread out. Which would ruin the idea of progression but I guess more people would see more and in the end the idea is still present.


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