Day 79 (Wednesday 18/01/17)

Practical – Gary

We started on something new this week. Since we’re on the subject of one sex casting (Bent – Lillies) Gary decided that this week we would get a script and males would be acting while females would be directing. I am grouped with Ryan, Thalia and Mia. The script is quite a bit bigger than the usual and there are a lot of things to memorise but hopefully I will be able to do that.

Thalia and Mia then started to go through the lines and direct it as they thought was good. Thalia is very strict and Mia is a bit quiet. I don’t remember the name of the play that this script is from but I am playing ‘Tight’ who is a gangster type person that thinks they’re bad-ass. This will definitely be fun to play even though there’s a lot to memorise. Ryan is playing Tom, a more reserved character; it’s always great to work with Ryan Smith.

It will be interesting to see all the different approaches to this scene and how people have cast it and directed it. I am looking forward to working on it again as it’s the first time I play this kind of character.


This is the first page of the script, there are 5, i think.

Practical – Erica


Will is doing a magic show and we were all there to support him, watch his tricks, help him improve and learn some ourselves! I think I learned how to do 3 tricks just from watching him.

Then people went off to work with their own groups for commission. I stayed with Justin and Ines and we worked through our torture spoof together with help from Erica to suggest new things and change up ideas that weren’t going anywhere.


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