Day 80 (Thursday 19/01/17)

Practical – Lynn

The first thing we did today was play a game that I remember well and have played before during the improvisation show. Having played this before I didn’t want other people to miss out on this opportunity so I didn’t offer myself to play it. We only played two rounds too which was disappointing because I would have went on the third one. Then we played another game – not sure if it’s a game or just an activity kind of exercise. Because it wasn’t that fun all we did was make a shape with our bodies. I think the point of this activity was to make us aware of the audience and make us more prone to block in a way that the majority of the audience could see something. Because making a shape that has no story to it is easy but then having to make sure that every side has a face to look at as a group is a bit harder. Every person has to contribute in some way.

Since Lynn still had not seen what we had done with our ‘Spider’ scene we showed that to her but even as we started it she already had something to adjust – and that was the entering. We now enter through different parts of the theatre.

Here is how we have decided on it for now:

Unfortunately I don’t have a youtube link to it but the piece is nearly finished.

Then we heard monologues from Mia, Thalia and Jess. They are working on them and they’re coming along nicely. After discussing even more commission work and how they’re progressing we went into groups to work on things. I worked with Justin and Ines on the torture scene because that’s all some of us could do. We managed to progress a lot.

Here’s what we have done until now:




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