Day 82 (Monday 23/01/17)

We usually have a warmup with a tutor but this time we were in charge of warming up ourselves – and we can either be the people who do it or the people who don’t. We were the people who did it kind of half-assed. We did it though. We did warm up I’d say.
When Lynn came back into the room we had a discussion about how things are going for all of us in terms of commission. A lot has been done in my case. I would say there is still quite a bit to do as we need all the props and to learn the lines and block. Most of the other people are also on point with their commission. This week I’m sure we’ll have most if not everything completely ready. Thursday I will have everything done for ‘Dave Bond is Captured’ and on Friday it will be ‘Meet Me At That Restaurant We Went To. Please.’ with Lauren Dunning, hopefully. Also that name will be shortened to ‘Restaurant’ just for writing up sake.
Moving on to working on things in our groups as always – I was left alone because Lauren wasn’t in and Justin and Ines had other things to work on. So what I did was I wrote up the costume, props, lighting and staging for both ‘Dave Bond is Captured’ and ‘Restaurant’.
Just before we went into break Lynn told me to try on this suit that she brought in – and let me tell you – it was perfect…ish. It was slightly too big but the look of it gives off the exact look we wanted for ‘Nikolai’ the villain of ‘Dave Bond is Captured’.
After break Ines and Justin were free so we were going to work on the piece but they suggested it was better if we had the actual script in hand first. Me and Ines went to the library to write the script and print it off. It came off into 3 pages and I realised I had a lot of lines to memorise. Which I’m fine with since I wrote them, I should be able to remember them, right?


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