Day 86 (Friday 27/01/17)

Recently we’ve been doing a lot more physical movement in audition prep. Dancing, in other words. And even though I am really bad at it due to my coordenation I actually enjoy it quite a lot. This one was particularly fun because it was a very 60’s? 70’s? kind of dance I’m not sure. There was a lot of hip movemenet involved and foot on heel and ball of foot on floor – it was fun.
This was a very productive self directed study for me today as I got both of my commissions blocked with Lauren and the other one with Justin and Ines. It was slightly more troublesome to block it with Justin and Ines because some people came in to use the space we were going to use to rehearse. What we had to do was move to the fri- T0.07. The script I have to learn is huge but it is going to be very very fun to perform and very fun to play with.


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