Day 87 (Monday 30/01/17)

The day of showing work in progress (which should be nearly finished by now)

We looked at the various pieces everyone had created and worked on. Many people were missing and a lot of it made less sense without the other people. Here are some of my thoughts about each piece:

Dancers – alice in wonderland? Narnia?
Great movement but looks slightly dangerous and very acrobatic. Missing Bronwyn, the main person of the piece apparently, but it was still impressive.

Happy Feet – Chris Gray
Impressive movements a clear showing of his great tap skills – looks fun!

Stephen Hawking, Jane – Thalia, Sophia and Ryan
Incredibly emotional, I shed a tear every single time. The script is very well done and is completely in sync with the dance and movement.

Dylan and Liam
There is so much going on, it’s so fast and so fun to watch but also… health and safety.

Abbie, Sophie(?), Chloe and Chris
Music in my opinion needs to be less loud. Abbie has a great voice and I want to hear it, I don’t want to listen to the soundtrack overriding her voice. Sophie wasn’t here and I’m not sure what her part in it would be.

Oh this song gives her such a character which I love! Again, soundtrack too loud for the voice. There isn’t much movement but I strangely like it. The only thing I’d say is that her clicking of fingers is not in time with the song so either do it right or don’t do it at all.

MT dance
So much energy! Due to that fact there are transitional bits where the energy drops down and it makes it look way too choreographed and takes away from immersion.

Jess Bellamy
Having seen this a few times I can say some of her lines should be said with different emphasizing, but that’s just my opinion, because she always ends the words she says in a high pitched note and it gets slightly annoying.

Will’s Magic
I’ve seen it a lot, he’s pretty good.

Rotten to the core dance
Not much to say, it was alright, nothing special.

Jamie and Lauren Hobbs
Jamie needs to be louder and more confident, clearly it’s not rehearsed to completion yet either. It’s a lovely song and as much as I would have liked to do it with Ryan Smith I’m sure they’ll pull it off quite well too.

James Bond and Q
Eren needs to speak up, as usual. I can really picture Brayden as a James Bond though.

Kiss from a Rose
It’s such a beautiful song and such beautiful voices! Nothing else to say except for wow tenor for Emily.

Brayden song
It was very shyly performed, he wasn’t confident and it came through his voice. But he does know how to move around a stage, so movement wise it was great.

Katie and Becca dance
It’s not even close to being complete and looks a bit meh.

Up dance
Another really emotional piece, I’ve shed tears to it once before. I love Chloe’s facial expressions. I know it’s not complete but I would actually like it to finish at that moment early on or it would be nice to have the happy moments drag on for just a bit longer so that you attach yourself to the characters and then something sad happens and you’d end it there.

Rainbow connection
A lot of unlearned words and a lot of not in tune people

For some reasing I get an angry person from the start, I don’t know if that’s the intention but she seems angry and isn’t sharing everything with the whole of the audience I’d say. Little pink plus sign is still too quick in my opinion.

On my pieces:

Silent movie – Needs soundtrack to be effective I think, I’m on it.
Torture spoof – We need to learn lines, we need Ines and we need to stage this properly and have the props we need or else it just looks really bizarre. However people did like the script and laughed a lot.
Notting Hill – It’s a great scene and I don’t think we’re putting enough into it. Erica will help us stage it better and add in moments where it can be just a bit more.


After the intense period of looking at all the performances and the level 2’s as well, some of the people, including me, went on to practice a new piece that we hadn’t shown but that is in the planning and making: the titanic moving bodies. I’m not sure how to name it but that’s what it is. Costumes and general idea are done, now all that needs to be done is polish it up and give it a good ending (or so I thought).


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