Day 89 (Wednesday 01/02/17)

Titanic reworked and made better give story and characters new song and movement

While with Gary we took advantage that we had his time for an hour and asked his help to help us direct the Titanic. He gave us reasons for plot, made us develop a little story and some characters. He gave us a new song and we managed to find new movement with it. So basically we kind of started from scratch with a lot of ideas. Worrying how much we have to do in such a little time, and now it is all harder because there are so many people and the plot needs to be relevant. Little time, so much to do.

Afterwards I had a rummage through tweed to find a cloth to put on our torture spoof tray and hopefully find an eyepatch. Took me quite a while, I didn’t find an eyepatch but I did find a very good cloth.

Then me, Lauren and Will were called in to have a little time with Erica so we could reblock Notting Hill a bit and make it right. Will was worried that we had changed a lot before this and suggested that maybe Ryan should do it but nah he didn’t know that his job was really simple. I like how we reworked staging a bit so that audience would at one point see only me and at another point see only Lauren. The ending is a much better one now as well. Instead of ending it with just a blackout of me sitting down, now I go to the table and say “damn” to myself and beat my head on the table, when Will comes up to me and asks “Are you ready to order, sir” and then blackout.

Finally we reworked torture spoof slightly, everything is great apart from the last few words where some tutors didn’t agree.



Scribbled on the words that I am not saying and wrote down what I will be saying. That is the only actual change and the rest is great according to Erica.




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