Day 90 (Thursday 02/02/17)

After a lot of trouble to get silent movie soundtrack by asking help from James Hopwood and spending time in the library due to not having access to internet at home for the second week in a row I managed to get all the files I needed to, and managed to put it together at home with no access to internet to finally rehearse the silent movie piece to the soundtrack.


Then I had free time so I decided to try to get all of the missing pieces in order. I made menus for Notting Hill, which isn’t necessary but will add the right mood for a restaurant. What kind of restaurant doesn’t have menus on the table? However it just being a piece of paper wasn’t realistic enough so I went to get help from Alex Ray who has a laminating machine. He said he would bring it in on Friday so we could laminate the menus for them too look shiny and menu-like!

I tried to see how to make a scar. I tried to glue my hand and my face, see if it dried up to try to mold it or something similar but it didn’t stick to the face after drying up and it took way too long to dry. Not a viable option for the show. Gary suggested buying some other type of glue with a specific name but I couldn’t remember it. So I took myself to see a person who is good with specialised makeup: Chloe Gilbert. I asked her if she could help me make a scar that would be easy to quickly attach and easy to make myself on the time I need to. She said she would help and maybe we would do something with latex or a moldable sticky paste.

I remember that there was one other thing I needed for Notting Hill. That is a flipbook and a pen. A pen is easy to get, but a flipbook for the waiter so he writes things down is quite necessary. I asked around if anyone had one and Vicky offered herself to bring one in. Hopefully she wouldn’t forget it, but I didn’t trust her enough so I asked Will, the waiter, if he could find anything and he said he would try to get something from work.



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