Day 91 (Friday 03/02/17)

In audition preparation class I was, again, reminded that I need a contemporary monologue. It is so hard to find one! Some interesting stretches that we did though. I realised my balance on feet is actually quite good.

Having the whole day to ourselves I rehearsed ‘Shaun of the Dead’ since then until and into lunch. I might be the replacement since after the rehearsals I know everything better than Tom and do everything better than him. I would like to be a replacement to it too it’s a very fun piece to perform.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Titanic. It is a complete mess. Some people focus on the characters and sentimental feelings, others on the dancing flowing movement, others on the choreography and timed movements. So many people focusing on different things. There just isn’t enough time to organise it all into a piece that can function well enough for the show.

More sad news: Vicky didn’t bring in the flipbook that I asked her to, but thankfully Will has it together and has a flipbook and a nice pen that he can bring. Chloe couldn’t bring in her makeup and things to help me with a scar so I am now considering leaving the idea of the scar, but she did say there is something that she has that she can bring in on Monday and it is very easy to work with. I’ll keep this in the back of my head. Thankfully Alex is the best and got the laminating machine and I got my menus laminated! They look amazing and Lauren doesn’t know about them! She will love the surprise.

Also, after a suggestion to the dancers from Million Dollar Baby, they didn’t have a referee in their match… so I am one now. Quite worrisome that I would start being in a piece at this point but it’s a very minor role so I can manage it easily.




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