Day 92 (Monday 06/02/17)

The first day of show week! What we did mostly was just take pictures of ourselves in costume and rehearse any pieces that needed a final touch.

I struggled with thinking if I want a red tie for Torture spoof villain or not and my white shirt was a bit too tight for a bow tie and anything else that required me to button up the topmost button. I did however still button it up and it didn’t bother me that much since I didn’t have to keep it on for that long.

We rehearsed Shaun of the Dead and showed Tom everything that we had changed while he wasn’t there. There was a slight chance that I would be doing it since I already knew everything and all of the timings but Tom took it on and since it was his commission evaluation he will probably end up doing it.

Crisis with Million Dollar baby! Or so I thought, at first I thought it was going to be something that I don’t have enough time to change for but I did because the piece that I thought this was was: Descendants. Thankfully that’s not what I’m doing so it doesn’t clash with any of my changes. This is all because we just found out the running order.

Missing props! Eyepatch and gems for it, the scar and the photo album. We would still have to buy and/or make the eyepatch with gems, the scar is impossibly hard to get and do simply and the photo album Justin said he would bring in. Hopefully all is set. We can do without the scar and the eyepatch, but we can’t do without the photo album.

All in all seeing most things starting to come together I can say that the spider legs are fabulous and Will the robot is amazing. I am a bit concerned for the little spider prop since I have to step on it, I’m afraid to crush it. Tomorrow in tech I’ll see if it lives the rehearsal or not.



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