Day 93 (Tuesday 07/02/17)

The day of tech rehearsals. Everyone was saying it was going to be boring and dull but I actually thought it was interesting and very necessary.

During these rehearsals the boxing match struck me as something to worry about. Not for myself because my role wasn’t difficult to play, I could just improvise, but for the dancers. They kept on making mistakes and not doing things how they were supposed to be so I was afraid it would turn out bad. They then decided to get together and rehearse that piece a bit more.

Every other part where I had to speak and do things with effort I couldn’t because I was really sick at that time. I was also worried that I’d be like this for the show, which I couldn’t or else it would be a disaster. So my rehearsal for this in tech was really… just a bit shit.

I also forgot to give the spider piece song to Hannah. We had it and we had rehearsed with it but I didn’t give it in as I forgot so I had to go off on my own time and transfer the song from my phone to the techies pen which actually wasn’t an easy task, I even had to ask for help from the media teacher.

The tech rehearsals took  so long that we didn’t get to rehearse the last few pieces, including Notting Hill. We will do so tomorrow though.

I’m not worried about the changes because they’re quite spaced out apart but since I’ve never had to do any sort of costume changes the only one that slightly worries me is where I have to switch every single piece of clothing from a suit into Notting Hill costume. It does usually take longer because I put the suit back in neatly, I don’t think I’ll do that on the night, I’ll only put it back neatly after the show is done.

Tomorrow is show night! Exciting!



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