Day 95 (Thursday 09/02/17)

Finally having performed the ‘Inspired by Film’ pieces we thought about discussing them for a bit in purple haze and how everything went. I thought it all went fabulously. The mistakes that were made either went unnoticed or they were fixed as soon as possible. We talked about all sorts of things like how the stage was set cabaret style and how we took on that. The ways that it helped us have more time on stage and how a variety show is very much the perfect type of show for when there just are too many people to put on a play with. Problem solving, the effect that it had on an audience and the progress of how we rehearsed it until the moment the show started and we performed was the topic of our discussion. After most of us having contributed, we were going to go into a room to type up things because we didn’t have time to do any typing these last weeks due to having to rehearse all the time. Most of us did go, but me, Ryan and Will went to meet the dancers to polish up the scene from Million Dollar Baby.

Million Dollar Baby is one of my favourites to perform in the show just because I don’t do much that is strictly rehearsed. I mostly improvise where I’m going and what I’m saying with a general knowledge of things. It has now been improved in terms of dancing and I also have more rehearsed moments which is actually fine, except for the last part. I kind of liked walking off and even though it makes more sense for me to stay now and freeze frame into blackout, I still would have rather just walked off. I am currently only debating whether I should or shouldn’t slide on the floor during the performance tonight. I might, or I might not depending on how I’m feeling at the time.

Then after break we went on to the lesson to type things up together with the others. And although I have all of my tasks at home on my laptop I still have some notes on my phone so I can write up blogs.

Performing again today! Exciting!


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