Day 99 (Wednesday 22/02/17)

This wasn’t a very good day for the actors, clearly. After having five weeks to rehearse, practice and learn the script that we were given we couldn’t do it off book. Which is sad but we did have a lot going on for us and we had free time off college, which should be positive but it’s negative because we don’t get together. Sure, we still had a lot of time to learn 4 pages of script, but still some things take priority, for example: commission.

There were only three performances and I was in two of them… so I can’t really compare the other performance to other people to know how they did but comparing them to what I did I can say that the character was completely different.

I’m disappointed in my performance so much though. I’m disappointed I didn’t know the lines, because I did. I did know the lines because I had spent a lot of time on this. I did spend so much time learning this and practicing even with other people – Brayden. But still, apparently this wasn’t enough. I still didn’t do enough. And not only in learning the script, I didn’t give the character justice. There were so many moments where I could have done so much more physically and yet I couldn’t because I was restricted by the script in my hand. I also could have done a dialect, which I didn’t. I could have researched what the Tunstall estate is, I didn’t. Overall a poor performance and a poor showing of what I’m capable of. I just wish I had more time, not as in more weeks until performing but more time at home to do things. I only have about 2-3 hours of free time after getting home. I use that time for blogs, commission work and a little bit of relaxing or else I will fucking die. The weekends is when I do most of my work because I have so much more time, but having to rely on that is really crap. If only there was a better way.

Gary also suggested to look up who Evan Placey is. She’s a playwright who is good according to him and the next script we’re going to be working on as directors for the girls this time is: Holloway Jones.

With Erica we cleared up some questions about the task which were really bothering all of us. Thankfully we can loosely relate art to theatre because I thought it had to be art that was inspired by theatre; a big relief. Afterwards we played some games. A new game this time: spotlight. It’s two people in a restaurant who have some kind of relationship and they’re talking about some kind of subject. Either revealing something or asking something. There are various tables at the same time but people can only hear one of them, the one that is on a spotlight. The other tables carry on their conversation in a quiet fashion and when the spotlight switches to another table they speak out loud and the last table to have been on spotlight quiets down so there is only one table speaking.


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