Day 102 (Monday 27/02/17)

This is a week of college evaluation apparently, so we were reminded to behave, basically. This class was really interesting though.

First off Lynn wanted us to memorise the first few lines of the script we got last time from Twelfth Night. A good tip is to think of what you’re actually saying; for shakespeare especially it means to know what the words mean. Then when searching for your reply to what the other person said, don’t think of what they’re saying as your queue, even though it is. Think of what your character would respond to that and you will start to make sense of what your reply should be like.

Then we went off into character study which was basically the whole of these two lessons. We were reminded of how to play old and young, this time I knew much better how to play them because now I’m more experienced and I know what I’m feeling and why. This was kind of the warmup for the next game we played. I say game because I found it fun, but it’s more of an exercise. Unfortunately I’m ill, again, so I couldn’t perform to my best standard. My first character that I drew from a a hat with leaflets was something along the lines of ‘Extremely organised personal assistant’, which I didn’t play as well as I could have because I don’t know exactly what a personal assistant would do, especially when interacting with people that aren’t the ones he’s assisting. My second character was ‘A jolly farmer’s wife’. This was also in pairs, I was paired with Will who did the voice of this jolly farmer quite well but the physicality was slightly lacking. As for me even though I’m ill I think I could have done it quite well physically but not vocally because I just couldn’t do the accent he was doing. Although then again I could just make my own accent up. I think I only did well at the end of this class which I will talk about in a moment.

After the break we gathered around the piano and tried to guess if the two notes Lynn was playing were the same or not with our eyes closed. I don’t know if I got mine right but I understand how it works. The piano is divided in octaves ‘do’, ‘re’, ‘mi’, etc. From these they can either be more high pitched or lower. It’s not easy so I had to sing the note really low whenever it was played to see where it was and then on the second one try to keep singing it and if it didn’t work then it was different.

So many things done today, right? Well it’s not finished we also played this thing where we had to only say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in pairs. We could only say one of those. I was the ‘yes’ person. The objective of this exercise I guess is to make you understand what different ways of saying it there are and what they mean. This was the introduction to this game called ‘Word Orchestra’ where we had a list of words each, pairs again, and had to make a conversation out of that. We could only say one word at a time and the other person would say their word after ours and us after them, etc until the story was finished. We each had different words and there were about 8 for each. There were a few words I wasn’t sure of how to say because I couldn’t make out what they meant in the story. Some of them I ended up understanding and being able to say them properly, others I never really got their exact meaning. All of this to teach us how to characterise better.

And at the end Lynn said we could have more lesson where we learn how to piano!


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