Day 104 (Wednesday 01/03/17)

In Gary’s lesson we planned out and directed some of our Holloway Jones script for Mia, Ines and Sabrina. Ryan was there with me as a director as well but Tom wasn’t in so we kind of just took on all the roles together.

As a director with Ryan I felt like they didn’t appreciate our comments. They felt like we were just interrupting them unnecessarily and they just wanted to get through the script however that’s not the point. The point is to make it better. They also have very minimal idea of how to play the script but that’s okay because we’re there to help them – if they take our advice.

Costume is going to be a difficult one, I think. Because getting prisoner clothing isn’t easy. I want to be directing the voice and interpretation if I’d have to do one thing, but unless Tom messes everything up me and Ryan have decided that we should share all the roles and on a disagreement… who knows.

It’s coming along but we definitely need to find time to go over it… somehow. We won’t though. Oh well.


With Erica we talked a bit about commission, as we usually do now because this commission project is Erica’s. Clearing up questions and how improvisation would work in a show like this. It is much harder than we think because we would need to know people and paintings from that era. We could cheat it a bit by giving options of about 8 paintings from which we could play scenes from a hat. It’s a very hard concept but I’ll try to find a way to implement it if I think I’m capable of performing it.

Then we played scenes from a hat after writing down our own scenes! Well, not for ourselves, we put them in a hat at random. I played twice too because Sabrina had left the room!

I played a person who found the collection of notebooks of Van Gogh and a policeman who wanted to buy a Banksy artwork.


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