Day 109 (Wednesday 08/03/17)

With Gary

I didn’t think that Ines and Mia were going to be as good as they were during today’s performance of Holloway jones. They completely surprised me and also I saw them take in a lot of the notes I gave them. You could see the difference between the two groups very clearly. I didn’t particularly think the other group was better or worse it was just different. I really liked it too because they took a much more motherly approach to the mom and a more sad, disappointed approach to Holloway. We took a more aggressive and responsive approach to that relationship.

Here you can see the video of our performance:

I’m proud of how it turned out!

We then received a new script called ‘The Glass Menagerie’. This time both genders are combined but still unfortunately I don’t really like my group. I will however deal with it. As I feel like out of the guys I am the most responsible one I will volunteer to direct instead of act. I’d like to act in it but I’ll just do the directing job because I know no one else will do anything about it. I will organise, research, cast and direct all of it by myself. It won’t be an easy job but hopefully I can do it well enough.

With Erica

In my opinion we got some really good news today. I saw the improv show on the flier and thought ‘I want to be in this’. Well hey, what do you know – I AM! Me, and the rest of year 1 actors! On the 17th of March we’re performing it. Unfortunately we only had this day and the next Wednesday to rehearse as well as the Friday of the show to run through it once but that’s it. Not much rehearsal into it, but it’s alright because it’s improv anyway.

We played a few games, to start off a new game that I’m interested in but it’s not one of my favourites because there’s very little to be done with it and too much time to think of something. I think if we wouldn’t guess it and just went on with think of something, tell someone else to do it and they’d do it go back and keep going like that. It would flow much better.

Then we played the interrogation game which I am not that good at but if I were in it I would have to be the person who’s interrogating because, I’ll admit, I don’t have that big of a cultural knowledge.

Finally: questions only. I like this game now, even though I still can’t get it right a lot of the time. It’s really fun.



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