Day 110 (Thursday 09/03/17)

Funnily enough we played improv games on this commission lesson. It wasn’t a non commission lesson though. We played these games to get us into the mindset of devising things because one of our ideas is devised and it needs to be at least decent.

We played freeze, turn left, fortunately and unfortunately and a few more. These help us because they stimulate our brain to perform things just as we come up with things as well as characterise quickly.

On our next lesson we took a similar idea but now we had to find a new game online or in books in about 20 minutes and then teach it to the rest of the class. Me, Thalia and Will found many games which we wanted to teach. I personally wanted to teach the game ‘Super Heroes’ but it’s really complicated to explain. We went through a lot of options in Encyclopaedia of Improv but we chose to do ‘Director’s Cut’ it’s simple and it’s fun. A normal scene is acted out with three people and then one extra person is assigned to be a director who at any point can say ‘CUT! I want you to play it all now in Opera’ but the location and the scene would continue the same except with that added suggestion.

The other games explained to us were also really fun! ‘Layers’ which is just like freeze except people keep coming in instead of swapping out; ‘Secret Leader’ which works much better in bigger groups where one group has to make a figure and the other has to recreate that figure. One person who wasn’t in the room has to guess who’s directing the people who are recreating the figure from that group; ‘GMTV’ is a fun game with two casters and as many people as needed who they interview for various things that they make up. So they could make up that I’m a scented toilet paper collector and I would have some time to figure out my life and then be that person.

Unfortunately we didn’t record any of this.


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