Day 113 (Tuesday 14/03/17)

The English speaking and listening exam was today. Wasn’t nervous to talk about it however didn’t think I’d only get a Merit. I thought I was at a Distinction level, but apparently not. I hope we get some feedback on our presentations. It still doesn’t count towards the final English grade, which is sad because a Distinction or a Pass level are the same.

With Lynn today we discussed about what presentations should involve to be considered good.

Some notes that I took to help me with my future presentations, even if I have already succeeded in achieving these points are:

  • People can’t read and listen at the same time, so don’t put too much text and speak over it. In fact the more text there is the smaller it is too, and that is something really bad. If people wanted to read they’d read a book, you’re doing a presentation don’t focus on text.
  • What’s on the screen is just help and fuel to develop what you’re talking about, again, don’t read.
  • Don’t turn your back to the audience when switching slides or whenever and keep talking.
  • Know what you’re talking about, it always comes back to excessive text on the powerpoint but don’t read, actually know what you’re presenting.
  • Don’t play videos for too long, people get the idea quickly. And also have the videos easily available in the powerpoint, don’t go off searching for it on youtube.

Then we created a presentation taking in lots of these points. The presentation was a presentation with no powerpoint however because we made it up on the spot. The premise was to convince Lynn to give us a grant of £5000 for us to put on a show.

Me, Jess and Justin decided that our made up show would be a play about the history of Bury. I think our presentation went quite well. The tutors said that my presentation of my ideas was trying to be funny, which I disagree slightly because I wasn’t trying to be funny, it just so happens that people laugh, I’m not laughing with them. Anyway, this presentation was more serious. Jess spoke first and she spoke about what the play would be about and which parts of town we would include in the play, which monuments and significant locations would be part of it. Then, Justin spoke about the budgeting: how much money would be put into props, costume, set, etc. I finished up with where we would perform and who would be performing in it, which is students from the college.


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