Day 114 (Wednesday 15/03/17)


Me and Liam decided that we would switch roles as director and actor. I am no longer directing the piece, however I have already kind of casted it and I have done the split in the play. He did take that in with him, now I just hope he actually does the research and knows what he’s actually doing for Glass Menagerie.

I am now performing the mid section of the play with Sabrina. It has a huge monologue in it which worries me slightly but I think I can get it down because if the text makes sense then I should be fine. We practised speaking it and I actually can see my character coming really quickly since I saw the scene and picked up on how the character would be like.

This session was literally just practice and planning. We planned on when to meet and to have seen the film or at least the scene for Friday – which is when we are meeting up.


Erica said that a lot of the ideas for inspired by art and life weren’t what she was looking for and so there is going to be some kind of change which I didn’t quite understand but hopefully it’ll all turn out alright. I’d rather not work with some people but that would happen anyway. It’s alright, I’ll deal with the situation as I know more about it.

We then went on to our lesson and played improv games because we have a show on Friday to which a lot of people can’t come to. It’s unfortunate because some people are good at it, like Thalia, and Justin is fun as well and he might not be in it – I hope he is.

We played the typical games that you play before an improv show: alphabet game, expert, blind date, interrogation game and a new game: Props. That was really fun but it gets much more difficult the more it goes on. You get one prop and you need to make up a scene that involves that prop somehow. It’s hard but fun.


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