Day 115 (Thursday 16/03/17)

Coming in to college dressed up with a suit is always an interesting experience, getting compliments from everyone – and annoying questions of what are you going to do? The answer is that I’m going to be filming Later Under The Covers starting video. It was actually pretty fun and got me to experience a bit more of camera acting. A lot of professional lighting as I’m concerned because I was acting in front of a green screen. I do think this is the kind of thing I want to do in the future. Sure, acting on stage brings a lot more character out instantly and it’s easier to find the character while on camera you have to just do it. This time I’m just playing myself though so there wasn’t any difficulty.

Didn’t have any lessons with Lynn today because of this, after lunch me and colleagues practiced Bonnie and Clyde songs and the script. In the end I didn’t do any of that which makes me very disappointed, especially for the songs. I wish I could show more of my singing. But it’s alright, next year I will be better and next year I will get a singing role, for sure. A main role. I will get a main role next year or else I am a failure.


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