Day 116 (Friday 17/03/17)

A presentation on anxiety disorder in employabilty. That went well but I wish I had researched more into the subject myself. All of us had done a good job on our presentations of mental disorders, we all took it seriously and everyone came out more respectful and knowing a bit more about people who might have those disorders.

In audition prep we practiced our entrance to the audition room. This is a vital part of the audition, you don’t have long to make a good impression and as soon as they see you, you better be someone they want. I still only have one piece and I do really need another one which I hopefully will get soon. But I think I did quite alright at introducing myself, especially since I’m from a foreign country my name gives me an advantage.

This self directed time wasn’t as wasted as it sometimes is as I worked on my commission.

At the end of the day we performed a show! The Improvisation show! Which is always really fun to perform and it’s great to hear everyone’s reactions to us.


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