Day 117 (Monday 20/03/17)

The lesson today included all of the year 1’s and it was about rehearsal etiquette.

We got into groups to put together a movement piece on equinox in about ten to twenty minutes. My group included Jamie, Ines, Lauren Dunning, Emily, Will and Eren. Lynn then tried to randomly select a director from each group by organising them by height. She said that the 5th person would be the director. Lauren Dunning was the director for our group and I am glad because she is quite alright as a director after working with her. She doesn’t make us do things and lets us supply her with ideas and she applies them to the piece. Of course we had people not suggest anything and people that suggested most things however no one fought over ideas – this group was very nice to work with.

We all stayed as a group and performed in unison. We didn’t have any words but I think that it was well portrayed when we performed. Apart from Jamie, who didn’t get into the right position at the end we did great.

In the real world when working with a director there needs to be a respect for the director and a respect for the other actors you’re working with so if you have an idea that would be brilliant and even better than anything that is currently being done you should first talk with the director and ask if you can try something instead of just saying ‘I’ve got a great idea, here’s what you should do’.

Went off to look at the Adrian Edmondson’s & John Cleese’s sketch of “The Last Supper”. Me and Will, who will be performing this piece tried casting it but couldn’t decide on who would be the pope and who would be Michelangelo. So we decided to ask Ryan for his opinion and he said that either of us could do it too. I’m going to ask Erica for her opinion and then in the end I will probably flip a coin with Will to see who’s who. We read through the transcript of the piece and indeed either of us could play either of the characters.







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