Day 118 (Tuesday 21/03/17)

After my English lesson I had a planned rehearsal with my group from ‘Glass Menagerie’. Today and not Friday because no one organised anything on Friday, I blame the director. If I were the director I would have gotten people to do things. And even today I’d say Liam is much too soft and does not force things on us enough for everyone to be engaged so we didn’t do much. Also, he got called into the office and everyone left. I also had to go film the last bits for Thursday’s ‘Later Under The Covers’.

The filming took a bit over an hour which still meant I lost my lunch break time. Although I did get to ‘ride’ a really small bicycle so that’s a positive. I can’t wait to see all of the clips put together into a short film to see how it actually turned out. When I was done with filming I arrived late to my lesson and asked Lynn if I could go have my lunch and she very nicely said yes because the things she was going over were commission based and I would already know the gist of it.

When I came back I got a slight portion of the last conversation which was about what we should write about in our tasks, that being:

  • Speaking about the ideas that we suggested and got picked but we are not in, people that are going to be performing it and how we expect it to turn out against how we hope it turns out.
  • Speak about other people’s paintings and ideas that they were appointed to and what we think of the different pieces.

We spoke about what difficulties people were having about the commission and one of the things that was mentioned was lack of time. I completely agree. We need more time. Also me and Will are struggling to cast our piece and an idea that was given – this is a dangerous one – is to switch characters for each night.

Since we were all complaining about lack of time, Lynn allowed us to go do the work we had to do for the remainder of the lesson.


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