Day 119 (Wednesday 22/03/17)

Just before Gary’s lesson my group was panicking a little because we didn’t have Sabrina and people just weren’t cooperating to benefit the project. We had never come up as a group to properly run through it and most of us didn’t know our lines that well. So going into Gary’s lesson we knew that our performance wasn’t going to be that good.


We had a few more moments to prepare ourselves and so we did, I didn’t have anyone to go through lines with me for most of the time so I kept going through them in my head by myself. The other group seemed to have their things together and I was going to perform with the help of the other group who knew the lines for my part because Sabrina was my partner and she wasn’t here.

I thought the other group’s performance was great, even Ryan who was reading off the script quite a few times I could feel some connection. I personally thought the performance of Laura was better than the performance of Jim on both pairs however that might be just because I am also performing as Jim and I’m constantly thinking with a slight director’s mind “no, no, no, that’s not how it should be done”. I did find some things that I liked in Will’s performance that I wouldn’t do myself (Will, because he plays the specific part that I do as well). He was a similar type of Jim that I am, though I feel like I will perform it more passionately towards my life career choices. That and the pace that Will was going at were my two biggest problems. Looking at it I now know what I need to do to make my performance stand out more.

My group will perform first thing next week, which is a very good thing. I’m glad we have this opportunity because now we can learn our lines perfectly and we will hopefully have Sabrina.


For me this was a very busy day as I had to go get lunch in ten minutes and then meet Hannah and some other people in E0.44 to take away any doubts we had of the sheet music. I now know more or less how to sing according to the notes, which notes are a pause, how long each note and pause is, how to read bars and more bits and bobs. I’m glad I took this time, I know I will still struggle a bit but I also know that I’ll do better the next time we group up for singing.

Improvisation and Devising

Erica decided to do one on one’s for this lesson instead. Individually we talked about what we are doing for the commission, what it’s about, why we’re doing it and what to do next. I’m quite happy with my comedy sketch from Monty Python, Erica also liked our suggestion to switch characters for each night, meaning we will have a lot more work but also we will have more fun. The other piece I am in I don’t recognise at all; I will have to research it, it’s a good opportunity to do so. It is a dramatic piece, I haven’t really had a chance to perform heavy drama and I’m glad I got offered this because it seems to be something in that area.

After class

I am doing a Music gig tomorrow as a host and I just got the script for that today. A lot will be improvised but I do need to at least memorize some things. Oh boy, this will be a hell of a ride.


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