Day 120 (Thursday 23/03/17)

For this commission Lynn said we should make a better schedule than the one we made for Inspired by Film. This time I’m going to make a schedule which is going to be easily read quickly, easily understandable, helpful and most importantly I will use it to organise myself better. I’ll make changes to it as necessary. Thankfully I don’t need to take in to account other pathways schedules because I am not collaborating with any of them. This time I’ll be working only with other actors. Although outside factors may affect scheduling time to rehearse I don’t think it will affect it enough to be a nuisance. The only thing that might be of any concern is coordinating a rehearsal time that is practical for the other people to do with their other groups as well.

Things that we need to consider when making a schedule in order of when it should be ready will be:

  • Casting of the piece and choosing the scene – this should be done by this Friday (24th of March)
  • Learning lines will be done on the Easter break so that time is not wasted. Once we come back from Easter break we will have about two weeks to be completely done so if we come back with everything learnt the rest of the process will be much easier.
  • Props, costumes can also be sorted during the Easter break
  • Sound, lighting, staging, prop and costume suggestions that involve any help from the crew should have them informed as soon as possible.

Lynn told us about an app that would help us learn lines: ‘Lines to Memory’. It costs around £3 but there are free alternatives available as well. I might consider getting one but my phone has no storage memory so that’s kind of complicated.

That’s when we were offered to go work on what we needed to; me and Mia got together to figure out what we were going to learn and what we were going to do. I will fist read through the last scene of the play so that I can instantly be able to work on things and then start reading the whole play which is quite long. A fire alarm drill interrupted this session and then I went on to work in the library on my own.

Until later on because this was the day I hosted ‘Later Under The Covers’ with Lou and it was AMAZING! I want to do it again and I want to do it professionally. This is so much fun, I really want to do this.


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