Day 122 (Monday 27/03/17)

First off we started with games! It was the switching with other people around the room by either saying their name or nodding at them. I think it’s a good game for concentration but it’s rather boring. Not a game you should play before ‘questions only’. Freeze or alphabet game or any other improv game that requires a bit of creativity and imagination would have started us going better for a round of questions only. It was a more in-depth look at questions only though. We were told that when playing this game we should always think of a way to respond in relation to their question. So for example a bad answer to “How much are these carrots?” is: “What are carrots?” and a good answer is: “How much are you willing to pay?”. I consider myself to be a good improviser and the technique that I personally think this game needs to have is what she said but also the response should not commence with “yes”; “no”; “I don’t know but” or any other form of this general response. The game is ‘questions only’, not ‘response and then questions only’. Changing the subject is also part of the comedic value after having been discussing some one thing for a while. I think people generally just need to think a bit more about what is funny and what should you say to make it funny.

This is where we talked about commission again. Now, we’ve had a talk about commission practically every session with Lynn and then went off to do our work. This was exactly the same. A few pointers to what we’re doing, a slight recap, what to think of when writing it up and then off we go. I’m not complaining, it’s good because straight after she released us I was able to work with Mia on ‘A Doll’s House’ piece a bit. We hadn’t had time to rehearse it before. Now we’ve come across a problem of which script to use, either the online play version which I’m reading or the book play version which she has already read. We both prefer the online version so we’re going to ask Erica if we can instead use the script from the online version.  We did a read-through of both and so we know more or less how it pans out and which one we like more.



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