Day 124 (Wednesday 29/03/17)


We performed the long awaited ‘Glass Menagerie’. I had been learning lines from it every day for the past weeks. I knew my lines really well considering how big the script was. Sabrina however put me off a bit by skipping lines from the script and I think Gary noticed the effort I put into this, which I’m thankful because I did put in a lot of effort. I also really loved the comment that he had where he said I could play the part of Jim and he could see me playing. That’s always a good sign. I personally think if an actor is good you can see him playing any part – as it is with Tom Barber, he gets every main role ever because he’s a good actor and the kind of person that is castable for every main role. Here is the performance of the piece which unfortunately cut off because I ran out of space… It is such a long piece:

Our new script to learn for after Easter is such a funny script, I identify myself with the character ‘Eddie’ so much it’s insane. I actually think that I am Eddie. I will have incredible amounts of fun with this new script because Eddie is a sarcastic character and so am I. It’s so obvious that I’m going to perform this to perfection. Can’t wait.

Improvisation and devising

Erica is the person who’s in charge of this commission and we have a lesson with her once a week so it was bound to be a time to review things about it instead of improvisation at least occasionally. This time she wanted to have a look at what we had done so far and give us direction tips and where to go, what to do, what to focus on. I know that she didn’t get to see everyone because I didn’t show her what I had done with Will on ‘The Last Supper’, however that’s not a piece that troubles me at all anyway – it’s just so easy to do, I think. The one that does trouble me, and it’s the one that she gave us tips on was ‘A Doll’s House’. We were struggling a bit with staging and she said that we can do it very simply with just two chairs, which is what I had in mind myself. We pretty much had things figured out but this one tip that I absolutely loved was to instead of making the two chairs into a couch like it is in the script we can make them into armchairs and separate them further apart which would give a really good representation of the artwork and of the feeling. Also – Erica’s suggestion of Nora leaving through the theatre door was amazing. It will make it seem so much more real and it will definitely catch the audience by surprise. It’s not a hard piece production-wise but it will be very challenging to get the right connection and character for it.



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