Day 125 (Thursday 30/03/17)

It was nice to start off with a warmup and actually do some acting. We played freeze join, as I call it because I’ve forgotten its original name. Usually now all we do is wordpress, sure it’s our final commission and it’s important that we get it right, but I’m quite sick of wordpress. Rehearsals with my partners don’t last long because we’re planning to rehearse with all our lines learnt. We know the blocking more or less and now it’s just doing that properly.

I rehearsed with Mia today but I was quite disappointed with myself and her. She kept interrupting us, yes, we were in a room with other people but we’re rehearsing you don’t need to say hi to people nor should you say sorry for every single time you make a mistake. Just carry on and act. It kept throwing me off and if next time this happens I will mention it, however it is always best to rehearse in a room with no one in it. I just think her rehearsal ethic isn’t that professional – she drops out of the professionalism too quickly. I was disappointed in myself because I still hadn’t read the play and I couldn’t find my character. There were so many odd phrases where I just switched moods so quickly that I didn’t think it was natural – I felt I was overacting. I couldn’t feel a connection between me and Mia either because we were reading off the scripts and lacking eye contact but still. I think it was a really bad rehearsal. We still did some things and made decisions that will improve the piece overall, like locking and unlocking the theatre door to make it look like I’m locking it but in reality it’ll just stay unlocked. The noise it makes is great.

With Lynn we also talked about how we need to write up all of the decisions we make, any little thing counts, it doesn’t have to be major to be something that we can solve and write up on wordpress. I should definitely do the Stanislavski questions to my characters. We had talked about levels before but I think a lot of people, including me, really want them now. Levels would really help me and Will on our ‘The Last Supper’ piece. We asked Erica afterwards and she said that a lot of people would need to want it for it to be implemented, but it is possible. We don’t need it, really but it would be nice to have. Lynn also mentioned that Erica might want to take out the wings during the performance but I highly doubt it, that’s not something I would even consider doing. People need wings to organise stuff, put props there and they just help with the scenes.

I also auditioned for the media FMP as Barry Allen. I think I got the part, not because I was better than the people there but because me and Harry were the only ones who auditioned.


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