Day 128 (Wednesday 19/04/17)

This is the day we perform one of my favourite scripts that Gary has ever given us to perform! ‘Separate Beds’ is the name of it and I saw the full episode from which our scene is from and I actually quite liked it. We had a bit of time to rehearse at the start so we rehearsed until Gary came in. I felt really confident about this one because I knew the lines perfectly and I had rehearsed it quite a lot – also, I actually really liked the script.

Here’s our feedback:

Then Will and Jess performed, the only other group to perform today besides us. Their performance was also interesting and Will did emphasise on some words that I realised I could have emphasised as well. So if I would perform another time I would know how to do it better. This was a funny script but for some reason there wasn’t much laughing because it’s a funny script on its own and trying to be funny just makes it a bit weird. Comedy is hard.

Then Gary gave out sheets which we should read for the next session which were “Character building and what makes a truly great actor” by a tutor from RADA, so it is a very legit paper.


Usually this would be our improvisation lesson but since this commission is by Erica and we need to get our things together she wanted to give us time to do things that we had to do. I know that I used up this time to find costume, because we don’t really need any props. I looked into tweed with Will to see if we could find anything useful for Michelangelo and the Pope. We did find stuff that will work but they are not good quality at all and will only barely pass as things that a Pope would wear. We found the full Michelangelo costume though which is as I’ve mentioned in my research the black ragged cloth. It doesn’t look that ragged but it does look like what Michelangelo wears.

We also looked into E.050 to see if we could find a zucchetto but there wasn’t any around. I looked for things for ‘A Doll’s House’ as well but that is seeming to be quite difficult to find a suitable jacket for. However I’m sure I’ll be able to find something. Overall what is missing for me to find is: Zucchetto, victorian jacket, victorian bowtie, bowlers hat and a stole.

I also asked some techies to bring in a rail for the year 1’s costumes. It’s handy now that we can just put our costume on the rail.



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