Day 129 (Thursday 20/04/17)

Erica wanted to see the whole show ran as it is not only to see how far everyone had gotten to but also to see if it all fits together nicely. I don’t know about other people as this was performed with the own individual groups and recorded but whatever it is that people had done, was to be shown and recorded.

I was the first one with Will to perform ‘The Last Supper’. I think it’s going really smoothly as it’s not a hard piece at all. Once we learn the lines it will be much easier. Currently I’m more familiar with Pope while Will is more familiar with Michelangelo. Here is the video of our performance:

Then in act two one of the first performances is me and Mia with a scene from ‘A Doll’s House’. This is a really hard piece to perform, the characters are hard to find and the script is big and complicated. It’s going to be, as I’ve already said, one of the hardest things I have had to perform. Unfortunately the video of this was lost somewhere.

In between and afterwards I was learning lines and me and Mia had a small rehearsal in which we tried to cut down ‘A Doll’s House’ even more but it’s so hard, everything is crucial. We read out the scene after cut and it ended in 7 minutes 15 seconds. We planned to meet up on Tuesday which is a day off from college and have a lot of our lines learnt by then and try to run it without a script. Wishful thinking in my opinion but we will work it hard that day.



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