Day 130 (Friday 21/04/17)

Me and Will booked a room for rehearsal for 30 minutes to rehearse ‘The Last Supper’. After rehearsing for about 15 minutes and having run the whole thing about 6 times we realised that we actually needed to know the lines really well and then we could rehearse it properly. In the end we rehearsed it about 10 times, trying out each character about 5 times each. I’m currently more comfortable with the Pope character and Will is more comfortable with Michelangelo but we will be switching so we need to learn all the other lines as well. Now, we should have recorded this and taken a picture of me trying the pope outfit that we picked out. The outfit isn’t that great at all but it’s what we found and it’s probably what we will end up using.

Then I was just learning lines after that for a while until a group of us gathered together to look into the Bonnie & Clyde timeline. This was actually extremely difficult to get right, and I don’t even think we did it that well. It all happens in a time period of two years between 1932 and 1934 which is when Bonnie and Clyde die. There was a lot of making up with a sensible guess because a lot of the dates that are actually true are different from what is said in the play. We did manage to complete it but at the end it got a bit rushed and the dates are not exactly right, although they will never be but it’s a good general idea of it.


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