Day 131 (Monday 24/04/17)

We had a talk with Lynn about things that we should be writing down in our WordPress, and the standardisation of work. From the start I got an idea that I can use at my rehearsals which is to work on voice and see if I can hear my colleague and vice-versa from afar. There needs to be an analysis of what we’re doing because we’re evaluated on the process and progression of our work and not the final product. I need to type in how i knew how to do things and reflect on that instead of just saying what those things were. Rehearsals should always be mentioned and how we progressed and changed what details should be written down because even one small sentence is better than nothing. When doing the tasks we should look back on past projects and mention things that turned out good and we’ll do again or things that went wrong and we will fix this time.

At the end of the whole project, can people recreate our show by looking at our work? Because our written work is like the blueprint to this show.

Afterwards we had time to do anything we had to do. I ran ‘A Doll’s House’ with Mia, this time we tried running it without any script. Of course we kind of failed but I do know most of my lines and I’m confident with my big monologue at the start so I’m not worried about that. What I’m most worried about is the character. It’s currently a bit too hard to bounce off of Mia’s character because I don’t feel like it’s real. I know that sounds a bit harsh but she keeps screaming every sentence when I’m expecting her to just be a bit more cold about it, however it’s not an actor’s place to give notes so I will hope that the tutor will help direct us in a more comfortable position when we show her what we’re doing.

As usual rehearsal with Will was quite smooth, we keep running it again, and again, and again, and even though we haven’t looked at the lines since last time we know more and more of them each time and the characters are quite solid. I’m feeling extremely comfortable with this piece. Especially since we managed to, for the first time, run it without script at all while playing the characters we knew worse.




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