Day 133 (Wednesday 26/04/17)

We spent the whole day pretty much to run the performance of Art & Life. At whatever state it was we just had to show it. And we did, I think it’s a great performance but it’s still not ready when we’ve got so little time to go!

That’s the whole of the performances. A lot of them still aren’t ready, clearly.

Here is my performance of ‘The Last Supper’:

It was the first time we showed it me playing as ‘Michelangelo’ and we were afraid that we wouldn’t be off script because we always struggled this way around too much. Right on the first line I messed up but we carried on and I don’t think anyone noticed. Otherwise it was alright in terms of getting the right lines, just need to pause at the right moments for comedy.

And then in the second half I performed ‘A Doll’s House’ with Mia:

We skipped on a few lines and the characters weren’t as good as I wanted them to be but I started feeling something different on this performance. I think the nerves played in well into the worrying of her leaving me forever at the end.



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