Day 134 (Thursday 27/04/17)

Lynn wanted to see some of the pieces so she could work on them, I wasn’t included in the list with any of my pieces which means I could rehearse them, or rather rehearse ‘A Doll’s House’ because that’s what needs most rehearsing, the other piece we need to get the comedy right and that’s it. So I rehearsed with Mia and we do have the rings and the key and it’s working we’re pretty much off book, at least the time we ran it we were kind of off book so that’s nice and I am starting to feel the characters, which isn’t a great time to start feeling them but it’s better than never.

Afterwards I went for a costume chase. I found the suit and waistcoat that I needed for ‘A Doll’s House’ which is great but I lost the ring which doesn’t really matter that much because I needed a bigger one anyway. I think the costume that I have for this piece really suits it right now, I don’t the exact period stuff that I want but it’s what I could get and it’s better than what we have for the Pope for ‘The Last Supper’ by a mile.

Finally I had to record Ryan Adams for my trailer video, lots of bloopers there but I think I’ve got the good shots in.


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