Day 136 (Tuesday 02/05/17)

Tech run of Art & Life

I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know my lines near well enough to be able to perform comfortably. I don’t have long and I need to bash through lines; this is mostly all on me. Because if I know my lines perfectly then I can also save my partner more easily if they screw. Of course nerves play a big part in forgetting lines but that can’t happen on the night so it shouldn’t happen now. Especially for ‘A Doll’s House’ I improvised so many of the lines, oh well.

Will and I still don’t have a zucchetto and we don’t know what we’re going to do about that. I think we’ll have to make it from cardboard and cloth and stick it on our head with a hairpin. As for the ring that I needed, hopefully I can just ask Liam for him to keep lending me his ring until the show ends.

I loved the platform that we’re using however I thought that during ‘The Last Supper’ the pope could be on the upper platform while Michelangelo would be off of it. Unfortunately due to the way it’s set we can only be on top of the platform because other pieces are below and we don’t want to interfere.



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