Day 137 (Wednesday 03/05/17)

The day of the show quickly apporaches, it’s tomorrow. Lots of things to check to make sure we’re not missing anything for the show. Well, we realised that we indeed  did miss things which would contribute to our character ‘Pope’. We had no cross necklace and no zucchetto so we had to go to tweed to see if we could find something.  We asked the techies to help us find the things we needed but for some reason there were absolutely no zucchetto’s to be found anywhere nor anything that resembles them. No one at college had anything and tweed had nothing to offer either. So Will started making one from cardboard but it just would look stupid because we would need suitable cloth that would make it not look like cardboard. We didn’t have time to find the right cloth and we started panicking a bit. We decided to ask Erica if having a zucchetto was really necessary for the Pope’s characterisation. That is the only option that we had right now – not have a zucchetto. The cross necklace however was an easier find. After asking a techie to help us find one in tweed she gave us this bead necklace with a cross which then broke at the chain that held the cross to the necklace as soon as it got in our hands. That was problematic and so we spent a while trying to fix that using parts of my keychain to try attaching it all together but it didn’t look good. A bit later another piece of the necklace fell off which made attaching the cross to the necklace perfectly easy. So I guess in the end it worked out.

The dress run happened and I wasn’t feeling nervous at all which is good and bad because it’s always good to feel a bit nervous as it makes you want to do well.

The piece that I thought was going to be the easiest thing turned out to be quite hard because of how well the lines need to be known to make this funny and snappy. I wasn’t stressing or nervous but Will and I messed up quite a bit, but we managed to get out of it pretty decently.

In my opinion this was the better performance of the two but unfortunately it’s really long and boring too so ‘The Last Supper’ ends up being more enjoyable for the audience. We didn’t miss nearly any lines either even though it’s a bigger script to learn than the one I had with Will.

If this dress rehearsal shows anything is that we’re all ready for a performance, it’s not amazing but we still have one day to improve it to be an even better standard because it is quite good already. My personal performance is not up to my standard, but it never is, because my standards keep increasing the more I learn and the more I see.



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