Day 138 (Thursday 04/05/17)

There were quite a bit of notes to be given today from yesterday’s dress run which we will have the opportunity to improve on the dress run today before the actual show.

The Last Supper

Obviously I expected the notes about our messing up but actually we didn’t get a note on that at all, instead I mostly got notes myself about performing as the Pope. They said that my expressions weren’t big enough as the Pope and well they do understand that I’m being in character but some bits still need to be made bigger. I’ve always had the problem of acting too truthfully, which is amazing for screen but for theatre where the audience is further away I need to exaggerate my expressions a bit more which I’ll attempt doing next. Also since our costume is very budget we used an actual dress for the pope and the tutors noticed that the petticoat is a bit feminine when I stand up at the end so I just won’t stand up.

A Doll’s House

I got a lot of notes for this, which I didn’t expect at all after what I thought was quite an alright performance but here’s what the tutors told me:

  • I need a bigger and louder opening because I’m the first to speak after an amplified song so the change in volume needs to be compensated;
  • I need to take control of the stage instantly – I’m not exactly sure what this note means now but I took it on as being a bigger presence in the room by being louder, clearer and more expressive;
  • To lose the door locking of the theatre – Because we’re on stage left and the theatre door is stage right I have to walk all the way across and then when Nora comes in with her line we’re standing in the darkness for a while. By removing the door lock we stay lit for longer and the door lock doesn’t contribute to the story as much as the play because we don’t have the context for it;
  • To be more menacing towards Nora;
  • More reaction towards the line where she says she doesn’t love me anymore and I realise that she actually means it because going on my knees later begging her to stay is awkward and not right if the audience doesn’t believe that there was an actual change of heart.
  • And a note that I gave to myself is to take the jacket with me from the chair because then the techies have to take it off and give it to me later, if I take it with me it makes things easier for them.

We asked Erica if there was a need for the pope’s hat (zucchetto) and if she noticed that it wasn’t there. Thankfully she said that it isn’t necessary and not to worry about it now.

It was now time for the second dress rehearsal. Will and I decided to switch for this dress even though we were performing the other way around for the show. That was a good decision because we got notes again after the dress just before the show and this time we could get notes on how we do it the other way around, or at least practice it that way.

There were much less notes this time because I’d like to believe that we improved most of them.

The Last Supper

The only note for this is that the Pope should exit stage right and not left because it’s clunky.

A Doll’s House

The tutors didn’t like how I take my jacket off, which is understandable because I was kind of taking it off both arms at the same time because the jacket was too small for me, however I’ll try to take it off one arm at a time… It’s a long piece and it has no comedy in it, it’s just dramatic so it does get boring, to which we got the note of picking up the pace and even though there are some dramatic pauses we should aim to minimise them if possible and pick up on the queue lines quickly. Also I need to be faster walking on on stage during the beginning voice-over, the reason why I was late though is because no one told me we had started the run of act two I just happened to run in by luck and in time too!

That’s when we performed our first show! Because Will and I ran the whole script multiple times before the show we were extremely confident we wouldn’t mess it up. And so we didn’t. Interestingly for ‘A Doll’s House’ Mia and I would usually mess up during running the lines before the performance but then when actually doing the dress or this show we manage to make it through quite well.

Again, for some reason I just was not that nervous for this show, I had slight nerves of performing well but that’s about it. But I’m glad, or else I probably would have messed up.


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