Day 139 (Friday 05/05/17)

A former student who studied here 7 years ago and is now fully employed as a dancing performer came to tell us about what she was doing and how hard her journey was. There was a lot of waiting and trying and failing, which I am prepared for mentally, but financially this might be one of the worst decisions I’ve made.

Once it was 17:30 we got notes again but this time we got some general notes. We need to leave room for laughs in between things that we say that are funny, or else people will either not laugh or laugh over our talking. We have to take care of others while they’re stressing out, we have to not shout at anyone and just be nice in general. Also, keep quiet in the corridors because when the doors open everything can be heard.

The Last Supper

I was performing the pope and the notes for that were for it to be bigger and to be more pope-like. However I’m not performing next night as the pope so these notes apply to Will as well.

A Doll’s House

Every word at the beginning monologue needs to be directed at her at the start so that it’s clear that I’m talking to her. I need to take longer at taking off the ring, I was already taking a bit of time but now I’ll take even longer. And again, I need to be stopped in my tracks when Nora says she doesn’t love me, I’ll try to make it even more obvious this time but I am a truth actor so I won’t go overboard if I don’t feel it as the character.

The show happened again and it was a much bigger disaster for everyone else. It was worse than yesterday, but we made it and the audience had no idea it was worse. For me personally it went as great and even better than last night because you keep improving, especially when so many notes are given.

Here are my performances:

The Last Supper:

A Doll’s House:

Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery and this wasn’t recorded among some other pieces. For some reason this piece only gets recorded half the times it should have been, oh well.


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