Task 5: Health & Safety – Risk Assessment

Health & Safety during rehearsals and classes

Our rehearsal periods and anything we did in class relating to this, most of the time, was really safe. Not only because there aren’t many things that could harm us but also because we were under tutor supervision during them. And when we weren’t, during prop making, the most that could have happened is we could have cut ourselves with scissors but we


were careful and no one got hurt.


During rehearsals there were a few things that could have ended up a slight problem but they’re not that dangerous. In ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ Ryan intentionally trips on someone during the tree scene but that has been removed since, not because it could potentially be a danger when the floor is slippery but because it is irrelevant blocking. One day we had a class in T0.07 (the shed); it’s really cold in there compared to the rest of the rooms. I was slightly irresponsible and didn’t have any black clothing other than a t-shirt to put on so I was freezing. However, the tutor knew that it was cold and this was the only room we could rehearse in so we did warm up exercises for around 15 minutes; not only physical warm up, but also voice.


And a classmate lent me her hoodie for the time period because she had more clothes with her, so even when someone is slightly irresponsible the rest of the group takes care of them. The only other slight problem that I could see is when Liam swings the broom under me, over Sabrina and on Thalia’s head. If we’re not paying attention or we’re not careful someone could get hurt but that is why we’re sacrificing a bit of realism to make sure no one does get hurt. Liam swings it in a way that even if we were to get hit we wouldn’t get hurt much at all.

Health & Safety issues/hazards during performance

There are a lot of things that could happen that would prevent us from having a good show health and safety-wise. Mainly extremely bad weather which would prevent us from even doing the performance. Most of the hazards have been identified in the grid below with its respective solutions and probability of happening, however there are a few more things that might be a problem.

We’re carrying a lot of props from college to Bury’s centre. How are we getting them there and how are we getting them back? Will it be by car? If not then that is a hazard because carrying that many things around can prove a slight challenge not only for us but other people that we cross, especially traffic. It’s not a problem if people only carry things that are easy enough to carry for the journey forth and back. If people are sitting where we plan to place our props and make our ‘backstage’ then that is also slightly problematic as we will have to remember that those people are there and place our props next to them probably. Hopefully they’re not too bothered by it if they don’t really decide to move.

Our biggest hazard is really just rain. If it rains too much we won’t do the show, also because it’s pointless as no one will be watching if it’s raining that much. If it’s raining just slightly then we’re performing and hopefully our props can withhold the rain. However as it’s raining the floor might be slippery (even if it had rained and it stopped now) and there are some things that would be harder or different to what was originally planned. For example getting to our positions when we usually would run or walk quickly we might have to walk slower to not slip and trip. A minor one that probably won’t be impacted that much at all is when we have to hold Ryan for when he is lying in bed. It could be harder but from what I know the floor where we’re performing is not that slippery and there are three people holding him so it’s not a problem unless the floor ended up being that slippery.

Slippery floor (Floor in Bury is similar to this, if I recall correctly)

In ‘The Magic Paintbrush’ story we all sit down on the floor when Ryan is drawing things for us. Obviously if it’s raining and the floor is wet we won’t sit down and instead we will squat.

Lastly, when we are running/going off stage and on stage we will have to move through the crowd and we have to be careful with other people and children that are around, especially if it’s raining.

I do wonder how the dancers will adjust to the rainy weather conditions because I remember there are parts where people dance lying down and if it’s rainy then that is not a smart move.

Risk assessment grid:


Red: High probability
Amber: Medium probability
Green: Low probability



3 thoughts on “Task 5: Health & Safety – Risk Assessment”

  1. You’ve been very thorough in your thinking about potential hazards – to be honest, the risk-assessment grid would have been sufficient – especially if you had included everything you wrote about on it! A risk-assessment is really a formal, technical document that should be easily readable by anyone involved in a production.


  2. Karolis, where is Task 4 ‘rehearsals’? I cannot find evidence of what you were doing in rehearsals. If this is evidenced through blog entries please create a task 4 page and then link the blog entries in date order to this. Thank you


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