Production Solutions

Production problems and solutions

There were many problems that arose during the weeks that went by for all of us. For me specifically I have had a lot of minor problems that got solved with common sense but for these problems a solution had to be found:

Costume was a problem for all of the pieces. I didn’t have some really simple stuff that a lot of people have which are dress trousers and dress shoes. I searched in Tweed for a lot of things, I found some of the things I was looking for while others like the suit for ‘Bond Is Captured’ was lent to me by a tutor. I ended up having to buy some things myself because the bother of asking people around for clothes that would fit me and they would have some to spare was too big, besides it was too unreliable.

A Trip to Mars

I was assigned to do the soundtrack for this piece, I volunteered to do it. I didn’t expect not to have internet from 20th of January until 13th of Feb though. Not having internet at home meant I couldn’t work on most things at home. Putting a soundtrack together though is something that I didn’t think I could do without internet but I did. I managed to make the soundtrack for it even with the problems as I got James to convert songs that I found on YouTube to mp3 and transfer them to my pen. Then by choosing from 9 different music pieces I put together a single backing soundtrack combining 3 of them. First I listened closely to which parts of the music pieces would go best with which parts of the video. While watching the video I played some of the music on the background to see if it’d fit. After a while of cutting songs and shortening them and mixing them together I found that I’d use “Shake That Thing” for most of the video, then “Be My Valentine” for the small spider bit and the big spider appearance, ending it all with the ending of the song “The Limehouse Blues”. I had to do all of this also considering that the video I was timing on didn’t have our robot’s entrance because Will wasn’t present on the day.


During the tech rehearsal we noticed the soundtrack they were playing was wrong. That’s because I didn’t give any soundtrack to the production arts team because I forgot to. I had to go get help from a media tutor to transfer the song from my phone to the usb stick that had all the music for the show because I don’t know how to use apple computers. By the end of the day I had given the USB stick back to the production arts team with the correct soundtrack.

A Hopeful Date

We thought we could have a table and a chair exactly as the audience would have to make it feel like they were in the restaurant with us but the tables and chairs that the audience had weren’t correct for a restaurant environment. So we couldn’t capture the fact that they were part of the restaurant because the chairs and table we had weren’t the same and weren’t sophisticated enough. I did however make menus to at least make it feel more like a restaurant.

Since we weren’t the ones setting up the table for this scene each night we had to perform it slightly differently angled and we were forced into an awkward position at the end. It couldn’t be me or Lauren setting the table because it wouldn’t look appropriate to the scene and Will was already setting up both chairs and the menus, we had to trust on that group to set the table at the right angle. But to be fair we didn’t know the exact angle we wanted the table at either. It wasn’t the best staging because our exits and entrances changed at the end and that’s what made this scene end slightly awkwardly, not the table’s angle.

Bond Is Captured

Props for this piece was the biggest problem I’d say. We put a lot of things in it and we got most of them, the necessary ones. However the scar, and the eye-patch got left behind. We had them, it’s just that we chose not to use them. I tried to put liquid glue on my hand and on my face and wait for it to get nearly dry and mold it into a scar but that didn’t work because the glue would start to come off and it took way too long to get it to dry. I asked for help from a colleague who was good at this kind of thing and I thought we would use latex but instead she brought me some weird moldable clay. It kind of worked but didn’t really stay on the face when I made facial expressions and since I didn’t want to restrict myself I decided not to have a scar.

There were some problems with the scrip for this piece. Firstly I didn’t think I’d have time to write the script – I did. Then when I finally had it all done and written very prettily on a proper script writing website I printed it out. Only later on did we realise that there were many speeches missing. The script didn’t make sense. I had to go back to the library and add in the missing speeches, which I thought I had put in before but apparently I didn’t. I printed them out for a second time and thankfully that was the end of printing. We did have to alter the end of the script because it wasn’t appropriate and it could be made funnier, so we did and then we performed it like that.

For more information about the daily problems and solutions visit my blog from Day 73 to Day 95.


4 thoughts on “Production Solutions”

  1. Some thoughtful and comprehensive points made. It would have added even more to this page if you had spent some time considering the thrust staging and the café theatre style of this production. You indirectly reference it but you do not give it the significance it had as it affected every piece in the show and had lighting, sound and staging implications. This was the biggest and most obvious production problem to find solutions for. Make sure for the final assignment you pay due attention to this.


  2. Yu were brought into ‘Million Dollar baby’ at short notice – what production problems did you need to fnd solutions for in relation to this?


    1. Since I wasn’t very much involved with it I didn’t have any production problems that I can think of easily, apart from thinking what kind of costume I would be wearing. After having looked through clips of the movie I saw that what the referee wears is just a white shirt with a bow tie and black trousers, which is convenient because I wear the same thing for my next piece apart from the bow tie.


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