[U5&6]: Task 6 – Performances

Million Dollar Baby



A Trip to Mars

Inspired by a silent movie from 1902, the Year 1 Acting Class goes on an Edwardian sci-fi adventure.


Bond is captured

A moment of intense torturing inspired by ‘that’ scene in all the James Bond movies you ever saw, we present a chilling moment. Not suitable for the faint hearted.
Performed by: Justin Glenister, Karolis Vaitkevicius and Ines Gomes


A Hopeful date

The famous scene from Notting Hill: sweet, cute, heartwarming, funny and sad. If you recognise it, spot the changes; if you don’t, watch the relationship – or what it could have been.
Performed by: Karolis Vaitkevicius and Lauren Dunning


One thought on “[U5&6]: Task 6 – Performances”

  1. It would have been an enhancement to this work if you had copied the relevant section taken from the programme. It would also have been better if you had explained why you have included ‘Million Dollar Baby’ which you were a late addition to as, until this video, your pages of evidence do not show that you were involved in this piece. Also include dates and times of performances as the videos will not necessarily make this explicit.


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